Sensimilla™ - Premium Cannabis Sativa Buds

Have you ever heard of CBD? This cannabis-derived substance is well-known for its properties that are beneficial for humane health. It can ease the pain, anxiety and insomnia. It helps relax and regulate mood and memory.
In Sensimilla we aim to intoduce CBD dry flowers to a vast array of clients. We wish everyone could take advantage of this marvellous substance. Our company was set in 2021 and has been providing customers with top-notch products ever since.
Our products are tested in order to guarantee the highest quality and safety. The laboratory tests prove its effectiveness. Our CBD flowers are completely safe and legal in the European Union. THC levels do not exceed 0,2% so you can enjoy the benefits of it without any risk of psychoactive effect. Furthermore, the terpene profile is carefully examined and the final product is stored in a sealed package so that you can be sure you will get fresh, aromatic buds that preserve all their original traits. The flowers come from ecological plantations and they are carefully selected. We strive to provide refined products that will meet expectations of the most fastidious customers.